Sip sustainably with 100% compostable coffee pods

A fresh brew that's good for the planet and your taste buds.

Eco-friendly, rich and nutritious, that's what we stand for. At Evergreen, we're dedicated to providing coffee lovers with 100% compostable options that not only taste great but also give back to the earth

100% compostable pod

Brew the ultimate cup of coffee with our revolutionary compostable pods. Designed with a fully enclosed cup to seal in freshness, our pods are the first of their kind

Fully compostable without any compromises.

The Evergreen Single Serve Coffee Pods are designed to work seamlessly with leading single-serve coffee format machines. They are also eco-friendly, breaking down fully in just 45 days and have been tested for five years, so you can trust they are safe and non-toxic to the soil. And, these pods offer more coffee per pod compared to standard single-serve capsules.


Biodegradation refers to the process by which microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi break down materials. Composting, on the other hand, is the controlled biodegradation of organic matter in a specific environment, often in dedicated facilities.

Composting facilities employ higher temperatures to accelerate the breakdown of organic waste, resulting in a more thorough decomposition than a traditional backyard compost pile. Some facilities even use the compost to produce renewable natural gas.

The capsules can be thrown away in the green bin, as many municipalities accept biodegradable packaging. The capsule as a whole is biodegradable, so there is no need to separate the lid from the cup or coffee before disposing of it.

Our top lid is made of a blend of paper and other biodegradable materials with compostable inks. Inside, you'll find a paper filter made of cellulose and heat-sealed compostable fibers. The capsule/vessel is composed of a PLA-based oxygen barrier (G Polymer) that ensures a shelf life of 6 months. And to top it off, our retail packaging is 100% compostable.

Single-serve coffee pods are convenient but can create a lot of waste. With over 25 million single-serve brewers in North America, the amount of plastic waste is increasing rapidly. That's why we created our own certified 100% compostable K-Cup Keurig-compatible vessel, providing a sustainable solution for coffee lovers