Brew Series - Vacuum Pot (Siphon Coffee)

Brew Series - Vacuum Pot (Siphon Coffee)

Vacuum Pot  (Siphon Coffee)

Also known as the siphon pot, making coffee this way is unique as it comes; it’s a combination of brewing methods; a full immersion brew (as your coffee goes into the water) but also uses siphon action to create a great tasting cup.

It’s not a simple way to brew coffee, in fact, it requires an enormous amount of effort and process, so you won’t want to use it daily (unless you’ve got nothing else to do).

Some swear by the great tasting cup it yields, however, we believe its more of a novelty/show-off brew style – whip it out when your friends are around and show them how advanced you are in the art of the brew.​

Just make sure you warn your neighbors before using one, otherwise they may think you’ve taken up cooking methamphetamines.​


What To Expect

Time: from Bean > Brew: Allow yourself about 10 minutes. We must note here; cleaning the siphon pot is a bitch.

Type of grind required: You’ll want a medium/course grind for best results, similar to that of a Chemex brew.

Resulting brew: Very clean and full of flavor – when done
correctly. Since your brew is only touching glass, it will be the purest tasting coffee you sip in a while.

Skill level required​: Its quite involved and you’ll need to follow steps carefully. If you’re a scientist, or you happen to cook meth, you'll have no trouble.

BEST SUITED FOR YOU: If you’re really into your coffee making gadgets and want to try something wild. Its out there!

NOT SO GREAT FOR YOU: If you appreciate a quick and easy way to brew coffee. You’ll hate this.



  • When done right it produces the best tasting coffee, according to some experts
  • Your friends will think you’re a total coffee expert


  • It’s an advanced brewing method. Prepare to make mistakes
  • Very fragile – don’t expect to take it anywhere
  • If you just want a coffee, this thing is a pain in the arse


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