Brew Series - Coffee Bags

Brew Series - Coffee Bags

Coffee Bags

The idea of instant coffee is great – it comes in a small jar so you can take it anywhere; just add hot water. There’s just one major problem, however; it tastes like ass. Enter the coffee bag – the solution to ass-tasting instant coffee.

Ground coffee (not dissolvable coffee, which is how instant is
made) in a filter bag is plunged straight into your hot water, and you have your brew. If you’re struggling to make, ends meet or just the DIY type it's not hard to make your own coffee bags.

As with all steeping methods, there's the risk of over-steeping if you don’t keep an eye on the time, however, that’s about the only thing that can go wrong.​

What To Expect

Time: from Bean > Brew: Regarding speed of the overall process, it's as quick as brewing comes. Your brew will be ready in 3-4 minutes. No grinding or preheating required.

Type of grind required: If you buy pre-made coffee bags its not up to you. If you make your own however, go for a medium-fine grind (any size will work – but the finer, the more flavor you’ll get)

Resulting brew: Nothing fantastic since your beans will not be freshly ground or stored correctly, but it still beats an instant coffee.

Skill level required​: Can you make tea? then you got this.

BEST SUITED FOR YOU: If you hate instant coffee but still need a caffeine fix on the road/while traveling.

NOT SO GREAT FOR YOU: If you like the process of brewing their own coffee, or despise of non-freshly ground coffee (that's us)


  • No expensive coffee making gadgets required
  • Super portable
  • Cheap – just ask for a cup of hot water (on the plane or when driving through) and you’ve almost got a free cup of coffee


  • Forget about that ‘freshly ground beans’ taste
  • Wastage – mother nature will hate you
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