Brew Series - Aeropress

Brew Series - Aeropress


The AeroPress has a cult following among the traveling coffee community, and it looks more like a science project rather than a coffee brewer. But if you ask us; it's the best thing that happened to coffee. And many people say it brews the best coffee they've ever tasted.

Keeping s**t simple is the name of the game; the right water temperature, the right level of air pressure and the right size grind leaves you with an excellent tasting brew in a matter of minutes! (Seriously, it's one of the fastest coffee makers you can get your mitts on.) And many people say it brews the best coffee they've ever tasted.

When you buy an AeroPress you buy a simple 3 piece tool that will allow you to create awesome coffee with minimal effort. The best thing about this device is, it can make regular coffee, cold brew coffee, and it can even make almost-espresso.

What To Expect

Time: from Bean > Brew: There are a few ways to make a coffee Aeropress style, but if you’re in a rush, it can be done in 60 seconds once your water is hot enough. It’s worth mentioning here too that cleanup is a dream.

Type of grind required: Here’s the cool part – it does not matter! You’ll get a different result based on your grind, so you should choose the right grind size based on your mood! 

Resulting brew: Beautiful in color and taste. It’s more of a ‘clean’ tasting coffee (different from the French press or Moka pot). If we were to describe it in 4 words: Smooth, Rich, Pure and Fast (that may or may not be the Aeropress slogan)

Skill level required​: Even your cat could use it – it's that easy to use. Don’t get lazy though, once you master the regular Aeropress brew, you can start trying other methods and techniques of brewing.

BEST SUITED FOR YOU: If you’re a traveler or just someone who appreciates a quick, clean and great tasting coffee. Or perhaps you love camping? The AeroPress ticks all the boxes. Dont forget to try the inverted method.

NOT SO GREAT FOR YOU: We may sound biased in saying this, but everyone should own an Aeropress (everyone that drinks coffee, that is). If you don’t like the idea of wastage and using paper filters, then perhaps it's not right for you.


  • Very portable – take it anywhere, without the risk of breaking it (It’s made from BPA-free plastic)
  • The ability to customize your brew is high (have some fun with it)
  • Makes a great, clean cup of coffee


  • Paper filters are required, which requires waste
  • You can only make two coffees per rotation, so if you’re making coffee for a few people it can get tedious


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